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Malala 2


Sep 19, 2016 | Education, Life & Food


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Is there a famous person who inspires you?
Alex Bodnar: Hey there José.

José Cruz: Hey Alex.

Alex: So, uh, what do you think of this, uh, girl that has been in the news recently. Uh, her name is Malala. Uh, she’s this girl from uh Pakista-Pakistan who uh, survived basically an assassination and now she has her own book and she’s a world famous celebrity.

José: Kind of interesting um, you know when I saw her on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Uh, it was interesting for me in the sense that I’ve been following her for what, maybe about a year when I first heard about her during that assassination attempt that you mentioned and now here she is. Um uh, you know, she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. She’s, like you said world-famous, you know. Um she’s on TV shows now, and and working on-on a really great cause ah, she’s an amazing kid.

Alex: She was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Do you think, uh, she should’ve won it?

José: Ahh gee, that’s that’s a tough question. I I certainly would not have been disappointed if she had. I know that the people who won it in 2013 uh, the year that she was nominated themselves (yeah) deserved it so I wasn’t at all disappointed with um, the choice of it but if she had won it, it would’ve almost been um, uh kind of like when you cheer for a sports team that you really like and then they win some kind of championship because like, she’s she’s just a little closer and dearer to my heart than the um, the people who won it. Who were the people that won it again?

Alex: Uhh, they were the group responsible for uh, ridding, uh, Syria of chemical weapons.

José: Right, right that’s it yeah. I was pretty sure it was them I just wanted to make sure. Now, that that’s a really, you know, uh, worthwhile thing. And I I don’t know, you know well what do you think of the peace prize itself overall? What-what do you think about the whole phenomenon of it as a *pe* as opposed to, I’m sorry as opposedJosé made a mistake in pronouncing 'as opposed' to correct himself, with 'I'm sorry' and then said the correct pronunciation to say compared to the, the Nobel Prize for chemistry, the Nobel Prize for physics, what do you think of the Peace Prize?

Alex: Uh, well it’s interesting that you, ah, think of a comparison between the Nobel Peace Prize versus uh the Nobel Prize for a different discipline, uh, I suppose uh in a scientific discipline uh, you can, uh, perhaps more easily, um, clearly define that someone has, you know, discovered a cure for a major disease (Right right) for example, right? But uh for [the] Peace Prize that seems to be a little more subjective you know uh… Uh I was little surprised when Obama got his peace Peace Prize, you know, what did he really do?

José: Well um, you could say that that’s basically the nature of the Peace Prize. It’s um, it’s more a political statement um, than anything else. I mean just (that’s true) the definition of the word peace itself: I mean, somebody who brings peace, somebody who um, shows the world how to achieve peace. Uh it’s really really difficult so I think the the entire concept of the Peace Prize itself is is a little hazy but most of the time I agree with whoever wins it.

Alex: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

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Jose Domingo Cruz



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